How Our Courses Fulfill Your Fluency Needs:


A Complete Understanding of All Grammar tenses, uses, and forms

Almost all grammar tenses have two or three uses and sometimes up to five.  You need to know all the uses and all the rules to understand and express yourself well.  We provide extensive explanations with numerous dialogues to ensure you understand grammar completely.  We leave no stone unturned in this area.

A Wide Vocabulary

You need to know about 2000 words in a language to have a basic conversation.  Do you think you know 2000 right now?  If not, let’s get cracking! (cracking=started).  See what I mean?  You need to know about 10,000 to speak fluently.  That’s why our courses focus on vocabulary.  If you don’t know how to learn that many vocabulary words, our courses will teach you through numerous dialogues and quizzes that reinforce your vocabulary.

Strong Listening Comprehension through Tons of Listening Practice

Listening comprehension isn’t just about vocabulary and grammar.  It’s about sound.  Do you know what words sound like when pronounced by native speakers?  Do you know how to understand native speakers when they speak quickly?  Your listening comprehension is crucial to converse easily, to reinforce words you know, to learn correct pronunciation and to be able to listen for long periods of time.  It takes practice, practice, practice and our courses are filled with listening practice in the form of dialogues and quizzes to test what you’ve heard.  Text and audio are both provided so you can really understand what is being said.  After you learn the basics, then our podcasts with transcripts provided will continue to improve your comprehension.

Constant Testing of Your Language Skills

Why do you need to test yourself?  Learning a language is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together.  When you start putting in all the puzzles pieces together, you need to examine and analyse the ones you’ve already put together so you know you’re on the right track.  Also, you’ve got to test yourself a lot to make sure you remember grammar and vocabulary.  We test you with vocabulary and grammar quizzes as well as listening comprehension quizzes.  Constant testing is vital to your language acquisition success.

Are you MOTIVATED to become fluent?  Here’s why learning English is important.  But why is it important to YOU?

English is becoming a global language

Most employers are only hiring those that can speak English

Your ability to get your job done well requires a high level of English

Attaining a promotion requires a high level of English

You can knock out your competition with a strong level of English

Negotiations, interviews, meetings and client interactions require one to be able to express themselves well in English

Which course is right for you?

Click on a course to see the grammar and vocabulary that will be taught.

Business English 1

For pre-intermediates looking to move to an intermediate level.

Business English 2

For intermediate level learners looking to move to an advanced level

Business English 3

For intermediate to advanced learners looking to attain fluency

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