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Hello Everyone!

Thanks for coming to our website! We created it to give people who are interested in Business and Business English a way to improve both of these things. You’ll notice that all our lessons teach you something about business while also teaching grammar, vocabulary and listening comprehension.  

We have designed our courses with a focus on grammar, vocabulary and listening comprehension to help you build a solid foundation in English so that you can learn to express yourself effectively.  If you aren’t speaking English yet, our courses will get you speaking.  All our courses contain quizzes that increase your memory and confidence through reviewing words and testing your understanding on grammar points and vocabulary words.  They also contain numerous dialogues with listening comprehension quizzes that will test and improve your listening skills. We believe that strengthening your skills in all these areas will lead to you improving your fluency at a more rapid pace.

We want to see you succeed by building your business knowledge and by using English naturally and confidently in conversations at work and in social situations. If you have any questions about a course, please set up a free consultation by filling out the form.   Also, join our social media pages to see more lessons and let us get to know you.  


Much success to you on your journey to fluency!


The Business English Club Team

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